For over 12 years, Breakthroughs has been assessing and providing corrective therapy to clients from the K-W area as well as other Ontario communities.

“Like a set of muscles the brain responds to use or disuse by either growing or decaying.”[1] We stimulate and exercise specific areas of the brain which leads to strengthening those systems responsible for the challenge.

The various adult assessments cover 27 brain skills (10 cognitive, 6 memory, 4 judgment, 4 problem solving and 3 creative) as well as auditory and visual processing areas. The assessment includes modality testing. This provides information on how an individual’s brain prefers to learn, ie. Eyes (visual), ears (auditory), hands (kinesthetic). Three to four hours is required to complete these assessments.

The 27 skills we assess provide the foundation needed for school, employment or entrepreneurial success. Ninety percent or more of the students at Breakthroughs have an above average IQ. The results usually show extreme differences in brain skill functioning creating difficulties in school or at work. Clients often have both gifted and low scores. Our exercises specifically target the brain skills needing development. This results in less stress and improved functioning. We equip clients with the intellectual skills for learning subject matter, for analytical thinking, for becoming creative and for learning how to learn. This greatly impacts work and personal relationships. Fifty percent of the clients at Breakthroughs are adults. The brain’s restorative capabilities are amazing. Adults no longer have to struggle.

Client’s report:

If it were not for the team at Breakthroughs I would never become a licensed Tool and Die maker. Aside from the life skills that have been improved and augmented, I also received excellent real life advice. During my time at Breakthroughs I came to love and cherish each and every person who worked with me and helped me along the path of success. I, myself, have noticed huge changes in every aspect of my life from memory and communication to the relationships that I have with family and friends. My attitude towards life has changed for the better. I do not feel the weight that comes with feeling sub-par to everyone around you. Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend the Breakthroughs program to anyone looking to better themselves.

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1. A User’s Guide to the Brain
John J. Ratey, M.D.
Pantheon Books New York, 2001
ISBN 0-679-45309-1

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