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For the love of reading! Reading Disabilities and Beyond.

Posted by Matthew Turton on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 04:02 PM

I hear “My child just isn’t interested in reading” all too often.


I guarantee you can find something they’re interested in reading. If not, there are deeper issues that need to be examined and we'll look at many of those in later posts. I’ve seen children whose parents can’t get them to read a thing, yet they pour over a new video game manual cover to cover! The key is finding something that interests them. There’s a book on it somewhere! Bugs, rocks, Barbie’s, video games, mummies, knights, space, animals, you name it, it’s out there. Want help? Below you can download a short interest inventory which will help give you ideas of content your children will be interested in reading!

Age Appropriate Level

Make sure that the content you are encouraging them to read is actually age appropriate. If they are struggling with words, find something slightly easier for them to read. This is all about instilling a love of reading, while working on any root issues that are impeding their level of reading.  There are lots of things that can go wrong in your brain in the process of reading. Dyslexia, reading comprehension issues, weak eye-tracking and poor working memory can all lead to reading problems. While these root issues are serious and need to be developed, it's a lot easier if your child is onboard and sees reading as something desirable. Act now and make reading fun!

Fall is Fantastic!

Use this season to spark a love of reading in your children. Spend time snuggled up with a book, reading to them and talking about what you’ve read and what might happen next.  For teens, find something you’re both interested in and each read the book. Discussing it together can create great bonding experiences.


Let's make reading fun!

It may feel like a daunting task to find a topic that may be of interest to your child. Don't worry. We have you covered. We have a tool that will help you and your child find countless reading adventures.  Download it here

Reading can unlock new worlds of possibilities. During the first years of school children learn how to read; after about Grade 3 they are expected to read in order to learn. When learning to read is challenging, it will start to affect every area of school. Reading doesn’t have to be a struggle. If it is, get help, sooner rather than later.


Download Your Free Interest Inventory

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