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'I Forgot My Homework' - Memory & More

Posted by Matthew Turton on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 09:17 AM

boy homework sad readingLast week we talked about listening comprehension and the impact it has on schoolwork, homework and daily life as part of our series on homework avoidance. Today we will look at memory and how it can lead to homework avoidance.

Imagine sitting at the dining room table trying to face your homework when you can’t remember what the instructions were; let alone the lesson taught in the classroom. Maybe you didn't even remember to pack your homework! There are several different types of memory (discussed here) that we use on a daily basis. Memory is often something that we take for granted, expecting it to function. When it doesn’t, we tend to just shrug it off saying ‘it must not have been that important.’

Take a minute to think of all the ways you use your memory from sun up to sun down and then watch this short clip below.

We have to remember countless things every day. From the small (Where did I leave my keys?) to the important (Is it my turn to pick up the kids from daycare?) One of the challenges is that we all experience the world through our own brain. It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like from another person’s perspective. A partial reason we label others actions is because we don’t have access to their inner thoughts. For example, if Billy doesn’t do his homework it must be because he’s lazy or doesn’t try. Yet, sometimes it’s as simple as one of his memory skills being weak. We don’t look at someone with a crutch and wonder why they’re not walking faster because that’s a visible disability. When children or adults struggle at school or work however, we only see the symptoms, not the root causes. So next time you see your child staring at their homework, don’t assume they're lazy or not focused. I encourage you to read about some of the other causes for homework avoidance and get a closer look at what they may be struggling with.

At Breakthroughs in Learning we help people develop their memory skills every day. When I joined the Breakthroughs program, I worked on my own memory and was impressed by the results. The time I needed to study for tests and exams dropped by 50% because I was able to retain the information more efficiently. What a relief! Today I help others achieve the same results with a Breakthroughs in Learning Individualized Brain Development Program. Don’t write off memory problems as brain fog, a brain fart or even a seniors moment. Contact us to get more information about your own Individualized Brain Development Program. Act now to start developing your memory skills.


Educational Therapist helping people with Learning Disabilities & Public Speaker on Special Ed & Learning Disabilities As a child who struggled to overcome learning disabilities himself. Matthew always knew he wanted to help other children know they weren’t stupid. Having now logged over 15,000 hours working with children and adults with learning disabilities he shares his experience of what it’s like on both sides of learning disabilities. Being Vice President of Breakthroughs, a husband and father of a two year old son, Matthew’s not quite sure what free time is, but when he finds it he enjoys playing soccer and photography.

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