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School's Out for the Summer

Posted by Matthew Turton on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 05:09 PM

Stop Summer Brain Drain. Build your Brain Now!!Yes, I realize that you have just started your summer holidays. I understand you have probably been looking forward to them for months and months. You are already dreaming about lazing around a pool or playing volleyball at the beach or living it up at a theme park or battling black flies and mosquitos in the woods. I totally get that and plan on enjoying all those things myself.  I am not asking you or your child to 'sacrifice' any of your summer. I however, I am suggesting that you take a little bit of your time every day to invest in your child's future. Let's focus on some little, fun things that have the potential to impact your child's school success. 

These really are fun things, I promise!

Brain Boosters and other brain skill developing tools can be found on our website. Take a look! These activity books have an amazingly powerful impact on brain development. Less than 5 minutes a day working on these activity books can make a big difference. Five minutes a day. You can do it!

Puzzlemania are activity books that are made by Highlights. There are even free samples. If you happen to be local, can visit our office and sign one out! Remember, the puzzle or activities that are just a little challenging are the ones that may be the best to practise.

Lumosity has online games that develop brain skills. Fun and fast! You won't even feel like developing brain skills is work! There are loads of activities that help with memory skills, math, problem solving and matching. Many of us tend to gravitate towards technology. We have all sorts of gadgets at our disposal. Why not have a resource that will benefit their brain, not just exacerbate the summer brain drain.

Everyone here at Breakthroughs loves to learn and try new things. What are some activities and resources that you like to use over the summer?

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