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Top 10 Educational Games for Christmas

Posted by Matthew Turton on Mon, Dec 02, 2013 @ 08:42 AM

What are the best educational gifts?The holidays are approaching and with it, the anticipation for gifts.  It is often a struggle to keep learning positive as children are more focused on holidays, gifts, and school breaks and not their education. 

The best way to keep children engaged in learning is to make it fun!  These educational games are often so fun that children do not realize they are also developing crucial skills.

We selected ten of our favorite games and described them all in this short guide: Top Ten Educational Games Guide.  The following is a couple of examples from that guide:


lego makes a great educational toyLEGO has been around for almost 100 years and offers creative outlets and mental challenges for children as young as one.  Playing with LEGO blocks develops skills involving spatial concepts, following directions, creativity and fine motor movement.

Kits contain instructions to build structures from the very simple to the most complex.  You can also purchase generic sets so children can build their own structures.  This makes LEGO one of the most flexible of educational activities or games. 

Interest in LEGO often outlasts childhood and becomes a fun and involved hobby for adults as they collect kits and build items.  A love for LEGO now may provide your child an excellent outlet for a lifetime. 

Hyper Dash

hyperdashThis game has the added benefit of physical movement.  Place four targets out and the electronic module will call out an order for the targets.  This game has modes for solo, one on one, and team play.  There is even a version that focuses on short term memory. 

Hyper Dash develops skills that include listening comprehension, motor skills based on auditory commands, sequencing, and visual ability.  Place the targets as close or as far apart as you want as this educational game is very adaptable to individual temperament and available space.    

It never hurts to combine holiday spirit, fun and relaxation with education.  Download our guide today for more suggestions for educational games!

Download your free Top 10 Educational Game Guide now!

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