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Games, Games and More Home Duties (Let's Make Learning Fun!)

Posted by Krystal Hundt on Mon, Jun 09, 2014 @ 11:53 AM

How can I make math fun?I came across an amazing resource this week! It is empowering to find an inspired tool for your arsenal!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I am overwhelmed by my role as a parent. It is a big responsibility. Sometimes I kid myself and say it really isn’t too big of a deal. I have moments of panic where I think I could be ruining these little people. I have moments of victory when I feel I totally got this parent thing.

I have discovered that many times that feeling of success stems from some kind of tool or skill I have acquired.  Whether it is a method to interact or respond to a particular ‘creative opportunity’ in our home or an actual concrete item that helps support my children’s wellbeing or a new game that takes only a few minutes to prepare, play and put away. This resource I have found is a God send.

I have several homeschooling friends that have an amazing way of finding resources for their families. I have finally found one that works for me and my children. Finally at peace with the realization that teaching my own children is not an option for me I have decided to find ways to encourage their love of learning. Learning through play has been a focus for many young children. Who says we need to stop playing in order to learn?

math games books resized 600Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games helps kids learn math by playing dice and card games. I love that Kelli, the author and creator of these books understands that not all students can sit at a desk to successfully learn. This book offers fun games that do not take an abundance of time and yet help you leave lasting deposits into the lives of everyone in your family (especially my husband who won a few).

The love of learning can be discovered at any age. I tolerated school. Mostly because it was harder work for me than others and I wanted to excel at things and it was frustrating to not be able to perform where I wanted to. This series of books is a really great resource. It is a beautiful thing to see your child beat you in a math game!

Check out Kelli’s other great resources at

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