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Is your child too busy?

Posted by Matthew Turton on Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 08:29 AM

Busy children are often the result of busy adults.  Being busy is often considered a badge of honor in our modern day, and those values are often placed onto children as well.  Well-meaning parents will also pack a child's schedule with activities in order to keep her out of the wrong peer group or away from excessive video game playing. 

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Topics: parenting, homework, anxiety

Developing social skills in children

Posted by Matthew Turton on Wed, Mar 26, 2014 @ 08:48 AM

Some children are more naturally social than others.  If a child's tendency to withdraw is not by choice, but out of anxiety, that child will require more encouragement.  Otherwise, that child may have difficulty relating to peers and risk depression and low self-esteem.

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Topics: parenting, social skills, anxiety, behaviour

ADHD: Checklist for Back to School Success

Posted by Matthew Turton on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 11:45 AM

The event no child wants to see in mid-summer: a parent making a back-to-school checklist! Stores feature all the usual school supplies, the season's most current clothing fashions and accessories for students, and all other back-to-school related items.
This is a typical checklist for any child returning to school, but parents of children with ADHD have a different kind of back-to-school checklist to prepare. It takes more than school supplies and stylish outfits to help students with ADHD be successful in school.
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Topics: learning disabilities, parenting, love learning, back to school, anxiety, behaviour

How to Help a Child With Anxiety - Five Steps For Parents

Posted by Matthew Turton on Tue, Aug 06, 2013 @ 01:00 PM

Experiencing anxiety is quite normal.  Anxiety helps us avoid danger and it is often the typical response to particular situations, such as important tests and public speaking.  However, when anxiety becomes a generalized reaction to many situations, no matter their actual danger, then it starts to negatively affect quality of life and achievement. 

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Topics: learning disabilities, parenting, love learning, back to school, anxiety, behaviour

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