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How does attention affect learning?

Posted by Matthew Turton on Thu, Mar 06, 2014 @ 10:27 AM

If a child has a learning disability there is a good chance that she suffers an attention deficit as well.  Likewise, children with attention deficits often have learning disabilities.  There can be varying degrees of severity in each area.  Low severity in each area can have a cumulative effect and hinder school success.

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Topics: learning disabilities, parenting, behaviour, Educational Assessment

Discovering a Learning Disability: Shock, Denial, Anger, and Beyond

Posted by Matthew Turton on Tue, Jan 28, 2014 @ 08:55 AM

When parents learn of a child’s learning disability it is not uncommon for them to experience a grieving process similar to the stages of grief described by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  While not grieving a death, there is grief surrounding expectations parents may have held for that child.

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Topics: parenting, Educational Assessment, Learning disability, teachers

Why get an Educational Assessment?

Posted by Matthew Turton on Wed, Nov 06, 2013 @ 08:13 AM

An educational assessment is the first step in determining the nature and extent of a learning disability.  By asking a student to complete a series of tests involving brain skills, we can discover the source of a learning difficulty and design the correct program to help a student overcome it. 

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Topics: learning disabilities, Educational Assessment, FAQ's, educational therapy

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