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Pdescribe the imageauline Turton is the founder and director of Breakthroughs In Learning. Her Christian faith, teaching experience, home schooling, counselling and medical work prompted her to conclude that the brain has restorative capabilities.

Pauline is the mother of two sons who have overcome significant learning disabilities. After 7 years of extensive researching, Breakthroughs In Learning is now on the cutting edge in educational therapy.

Let us introduce you to a few of Breakthroughs clients:

  • A poorly coordinated 5 year old with learning challenges is now playing hockey, skateboarding and learning to read thanks to his work at Breakthroughs.
  • A child entering grade two and only able to recognize a few words inconsistently, understands numbers but unable to remember facts. This child is now reading on grade level with his math facts memorized.
  • A grade four student whose assessment showed extremely low comprehension with very limited reading skills-once afraid and unable to read to anyone, recently read her birthday cards in front of all her family and friends with confidence and fluency.
  • A grade nine student struggled remembering what he studied for tests. His test results were inconsistent. A year later he received his first report card with an average honors.
  • A teen in grade eleven ready to quit school, extremely discouraged-Now excited to be in college.

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Breakthroughs assesses and develops intellectual abilities. Intellectual abilities can be defined as foundational brain skills required for all facets of life. Schools primarily focus on knowledge and the acquisition and recall of information. These are important but intellectual abilities include far more knowledge. Dr J.P. Guilford’s research was based on intellectual abilities. see more...

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