Reserve your seat to Information Night and learn how we can help you move forward!

Did you know? Many parents are unaware that there is now significant help for struggling learners.

  • Are you more frustrated with your child’s learning issues than they are?
  • Do you feel like there’s no hope?
  • What would it feel like if your child was learning more easily?
  • How would your family life be different if your child embraced learning?

Dealing effectively with learning disabilities and emotional challenges is not only solvable, but at Breakthroughs in Learning we have specific programs that can help almost any situation.  Come to our Information Night or call us for a consult.

Listen to a 30 second description of Information Night from our interview on Ask The Experts on 570 News.

We specialize in identifying the specific parts of the brain that need to be optimized. We assist children and adolescents to not just survive school, but to thrive in the education system. We have seen significant increases in our client’s ability to learn and in their ability to build successful relationships.

Our Information Night is the best opportunity to discover how to move you and your child to a life where learning is fun and successful and positive relationships are being built. Reserve your seat now!

At Our Seminar You Will:

  • Learn the brain is like a muscle, when you exercise it, it will grow
  • Hear about specific techniques to assist your child or adolescent in thriving with their specific learning issues.
  • Discuss case studies indicating the specific changes that take place which will help your child experience success over their specific learning issue
  • Discover dealing with these issues is not only solvable, we also have specific strategies that will help you deal with them on a daily basis

The presentation is free, but please fill out the form to reserve your spot as seating is limited.

 At Breakthroughs, we prefer to think of a disability as an ability that has not yet been fully developed. Once the low-functioning areas of the brain are identified, we create an Individualized Brain Development Program to provide the needed stimulation that builds those skills.  We have seen many situations where students have been able to "graduate" from Special Education Classes, and join a regular class as independent learners.