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describe the image Meet the founder and director Pauline Turton, a committed woman who believes in helping people reach their potential. Her early careers of teaching and psychiatric nursing led to multiple counselling fields, all of which prepared her for seven years of extensive brain skill research, study and SOI (Structure of Intellect) certification. All of these qualifications laid the foundation for Breakthroughs and her first client in 1995. As an educational therapist/ consultant and career Counsellor Pauline has learned the importance and impact of our “brain skills” in all areas of our life, from the simple act of choosing what we are eating for lunch to the life altering choice of a career. After years of working with a wide range of clients, Pauline not only believes but has evidenced the importance of matching our abilities to our tasks in order to derive satisfaction and fulfillment from our work, be it landscape architect, mechanic or CEO.

For over 13 years, Breakthroughs has been assessing and guiding individual clients regarding career selection and success. Clients come from the K-W area as well as other Ontario communities.

Viewing career changes and selection from a brain skills perspective eliminates wasted time, money, stress and disappointment.

Finding out ahead of time that you have the skills required is a tremendous advantage. Periodically a profile will indicate that most of the skills are in place but there may be one or more areas that need strengthening in order to bring a successful outcome. Breakthroughs unique services provide individual programmes to improve brain skills and functioning where necessary.

Let us introduce you to two of Breakthroughs clients:

  • “I was unhappy in my work as an administrative assistant for a large organization. They referred me to a Breakthroughs personal career assessment. This assessment suggested that I look into a career field I had never considered. When I graduated from university, I was recognized with a monetary award. I thoroughly enjoy working in this field.”
  • An adult frustrated with her inability to remember tasks and inability to advance at work- Is now happy at a new job after developing these skills at Breakthroughs.

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Breakthroughs assesses and develops intellectual abilities. These Intellectual abilities can be defined as foundational brain skills required for all facets of life. Schools primarily focus on knowledge and the acquisition and recall of information. These are important, but, intellectual brain skills influence the ability to be successful in learning, careers and personal lives. Dr J.P. Guilford’s research was based on intellectual abilities. see more...

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