• Mother regarding son: "After talking to Pauline about our 23 year old son, I was encouraged to know that there was help available. The information was positive and we were eager to get the help our son needed. After working with Pauline and her staff we could definitely see a difference in the way our son communicated with us. He became open and talkative and his judgment skills improved. Breakthroughs has provided a compassionate atmosphere for my son to thrive in socially, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Breakthroughs for all your efforts."
  • "The results of my testing at Breakthroughs showed I had a short term memory challenge. The team at Breakthroughs designed a personal program that addressed and helped to increase my short term memory. A combined effort of working at the office with Pauline and on my own at home proved to be effective. Not only did I notice a significant improvement in my short term memory, but my wife did too. I can now remember a task without having to write it down. I can rely on my own memory for the first time in my life. I am now in the process of applying to the police department. Thanks for helping with my breakthrough!"
  • "I was in grade twelve and finding the courses overwhelming. I needed help with my comprehension, organization and memories. I’ve graduated and I’m very thankful for the benefits Breakthroughs provided. My future possibilities are wide open now."
  • "I had trouble understanding what people said to me. I felt like my brain processed very slowly. I was 45 years old and knew these things would only get worse unless I could find help. I was afraid I would eventually lose my job. Today I can listen to others without pressure, comprehend and remember. With the increased comprehension, I can also apply what I learn. I really couldn’t do that before. My eyes can track along print much easier and I make fewer errors. I feel less stress and don’t have to check my work repeatedly."
  • "I am a blind adult. CNIB has a course to help blind people become more spatially aware. I was unable to pass this course. Because of spatial issues, I wasn’t able to live on my own. I felt embarrassed to have others watch me eat in a restaurant because I would miss my mouth sometimes. Thanks to Breakthroughs, I now have my own apartment, am working on building my computer skills and enjoy eating out with others."
  • "Coming to Breakthroughs had enabled me to speak up for myself for the first time in my life."
  • "I am 28 years old. I work in the fabrication industry. My company enrolled me in the Breakthroughs program in early September 2006. Some of my responsibilities are to read blue prints and figure out how to build and fabricate the products for the customer and company the best and fastest way possible. Also, part of my job is to work with tools such as squares, grinders, measuring tapes and calculators. In doing this, I have tolerances that I must keep according to blue print specifications. So, as you can see, I have a lot of thinking to do at my job. I would just like to say that the Breakthroughs program has made a very big difference in my life. It has also made a difference in how I interact with people. I can interact with my friends and co-workers much better than I could before. I can solve issues at work that used to be problems and can do them much easier and faster than before. Mathematical problems were difficult and still are at times, but since the program I am doing much better. I recommend this program to children or adults. Both can benefit from it as I did. Thank you Breakthroughs Staff."
  • "Since coming to Breakthroughs 8 months ago, I have noticed a large increase in my memory and organizational skills. Along with my increased ability to multi-task. I have been able to increase my output on a daily basis and while doing that have noticed a decrease in stress which has made my job more enjoyable and has no doubt led to an increase in mental and physical energy away from work for every day life as well. I would recommend Breakthroughs to anyone looking to improve themselves in career or everyday endeavours."
  • "When I was teaching, people knew I was avoiding extra curricular activities. I was struggling to cope in the classroom and considering anything else, was overwhelming. Taking on any responsibility overwhelmed me. Today I get excited when I’m offered leadership opportunities and I have the judgment skills to sort whether it’s right for me at this time in my life."
  • "I had great difficulty listening and comprehending when people spoke to me. I had to keep asking a lot of questions. It was obvious to others that I didn’t understand simple directions or conversation. Today I can listen, understand and respond appropriately without stress."

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