Breakthroughs assesses and develops intellectual abilities. These Intellectual abilities can be defined as foundational brain skills required for all facets of life. Schools primarily focus on knowledge and the acquisition and recall of information. These are important, but, intellectual brain skills influence the ability to be successful in learning, careers and personal lives. Dr J.P. Guilford’s research was based on intellectual abilities.

Dr J.P. Guilford’s early work

During WWII the U.S. army was selecting men for pilots’, navigators’ and bombardiers’ training. They were choosing men with good vision and health as well as IQ scores over 120. The army was losing more than one third of these intelligent men who were failing pilot training. Dr Guilford was asked to find out why the failure rate was so high. By developing tests that identified and measured skills (intellectual abilities) needed by pilots, navigators and bombardiers he was able to reduce the failure rate of thirty five percent to five percent. The genius of Guildford and his students lies in the fact that their work produced not just a catalogue of different brain skills but an emergent structure that serves to identify brain functions. After the war, Guilford continued his work at the University to Southern California where he headed the Studies of Aptitudes of High Level Personnel. For the next twenty years Guilford and his students formulated and documented a theory of human intellectual performances that identified ninety different abilities.

Dr. Mary Meeker studied with Dr. Guilford. She began her research and development in 1965. She believed brain skills could not only be identified but developed. She saw that this could be applied in both career and education areas. This perspective was new and challenging for many to receive. Time has proved her theories to be accurate. Newly published scientific studies are confirming her discoveries. She continued her work until her death in 2003. Dr Robert Meeker joined her in pioneering this revolutionary approach to brain development. Dr. R Meeker continues to create practical applications of this theory. We now know the brain is able to change and grow with specific stimulation. Their tests and materials- Structure of Intellect (SOI) apply Dr Guilford’s pioneering work to education and careers.

Dr. Frank Belgau’s connection between balance and learning has been of immeasurable value to Breakthroughs and their clients.

Elizabeth Allen M.A. trained Pauline Turton in the Structure of Intellect work and the Integrated Learning System. Allen has remained a tremendous resource and mentor. Her persistent research and practical life skill application of SOI results have dramatically changed many lives.

Breakthroughs’ career division was founded in 2000 by Pauline Turton. It continues to build and expand on the work of Drs. Guilford, Meekers and Elizabeth Allen M.A.

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