Breakthroughs approach to career selection is unique!

We assess 27 different intellectual abilities (10 cognitive, 6 memory, 4 judgment, 4 problem solving and 3 creativity). These skills have been especially predictive of success in a broad range of careers. This format involves 2 assessments.

The first assessment differs in its approach to career and vocational counselling. With this approach, individual patterns of abilities are matched with those people who are successful in their field. Each brain skill analysis then predicts many jobs that match a person’s unique pattern of abilities.

Similar to other companies, the client’s values, interests and personality are assessed for occupational decision making. Our career matching process will enable you to see how your interests, skills and experience can work with your personality, values and education to match today’s job requirements. The counsellor then correlates the data provided from these two assessments to create a personalized report. Breakthroughs unique services provide individual programmes to improve brain skills and functioning, where necessary.

Here are some of the careers and vocation areas a profile can be compared to. Note - each title has numerous sub-categories.

  • Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Art and design
  • Communication arts
  • Computing
  • Construction
  • Crafts
  • Data services
  • Engineering
  • Finance and business
  • Government services
  • Health services
  • Law and legal
  • Maintenance and assembly
  • Public safety
  • Science or social science
  • Services
  • Social services

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